Thursday, November 19, 2009


I don't know if it's the chilly weather, the brightly colored leaves plastered on the wet pavement or the impending arrival of the holidays (yay Thanksgiving!), but I've been in a pie mood lately. I made a quasi-successful peanut butter pie (my fault, not hers!) from a recipe I found at Homesick Texan's blog the other day (meringue and I have issues...I've yet to master the concept of "peaks") and an out of the park sweet potato pie last night. Last night's pie was from the masterful smitten kitchen and it has turned out brilliantly! I'm definitely more of a fruit pie person, but the warm cinnamon-y, nutmeg aromas partnered with the flaky buttery die for. Literally. This could be my last meal on earth, or at least the dessert. If you have to make a pot luck dish for the office or for your Thanksgiving meal, I would suggest this one! I left out the lemon juice, but it tastes fantastic. Next up, cherry and apple pies for a wedding this weekend, then pecan, strawberry rhubarb (we'll see how the out of season fruit issue works out...), and pumpkin for Thanksgiving! Not to mention, I still want to try Carole's cranberry pecan. Nom :) Now that I'm not intimidated by pie any longer, the sky's the limit! Yum!!!