Monday, August 31, 2009

Knitting Frenzy!

Do you remember that list I made awhile back? The list that outlined all of my unfinished works in progress that I was trying to finish up? Well, I've definitely made progress! I've finished 3 of the 5 items on the list, not including the pair of Bella's Mittens that I made for my friend Jill's birthday. Granted, they weren't completed by her birthday, but they're done now, only 3 months later and it's still not cold enough to wear them. So a small measure of satisfaction for me!

1. Mosey - I finished these up last weekend and wore them out and about. So cute! I felt literally like a child of the 80s (which, granted, I am...but I wasn't old enough to pick out my own clothes then, so does it really count??) and with denim shorts and a green tee from American Eagle, I was rocking out! I will wear these again, especially as the weather gets cooler. I think I need another pair of I just have to find a pattern or come up with something on my own!

2. Dream Swatch Head Wrap - I was tired of looking at this in the knitting basket next to my couch, so I whipped it out over the weekend. Not difficult at all! It turned out beautifully, but since I don't have the bangs to make this flattering, I gave it to my fashionable friend Anna! She looks tres European, don't you think?

3. Horcrux Socks - I finished these a good while back, but haven't worn them yet due to the ridiculously hot temps and high humidity we experience here in the South during the summer. When wool sock season comes along, I'll break these bad boys out!

I'm still working on the Circles Scarf (the plan now is to give this to my mama for Christmas!) and have to finish up the majority of the little suction cups/circles. The Wild Stripes blanket is in flux as well, but I'm thinking about co-opting that yarn for use in the Rebecca sweater. We'll see though. In the meantime, I'm going to start Ysolda's Urchin so I have some portable work knitting with some yarn that my mama got me awhile ago...Ironstone's Fun Wool. So pretty! Let's hope the productivity keeps up, especially over the holiday weekend!

This weekend, I'm off to my alma mater, Clemson University, for the first football game of the season! Go Tigers! Then we'll spend the rest of the weekend lounging at Lake Wateree. Bliss! After that, over the Patriot's Day weekend, I'lll be catching a quick flight to Chicago, the Windy City, to visit my dear friend Jill, along with her sister Becky and our friend Devon. Should be an exciting time filled with pizza, baseball, a wine festival in Oldtown and good times with good friends!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rome (Finally!)

Hey folks! I know I've been gone for awhile, but you know me and blogging...I can't ever seem to find the time to write an interesting post! So, on to Rome!

Getting to Rome was an experience in and of itself. Friday morning, Becky and I took the Metro, then the RER to Charles de Gaulle Airport to catch our Lufthansa flight to Rome. Not a direct flight though...we had a stopover in Milan. Just to warn you though...Milan looks the same from the airport as any other place in the world does. Lots of tarmac, planes and towers. The only really unusual thing was the Lego Hagrid in the corridor and the American dude we met in the terminal that does advertising for Tampax. Lovely.

Rome itself is a beautiful place! Warm and inviting, full of yummy food, awe inspiring sights, amazing shopping, and of course, gelato! Yum! We spent our weekend in Rome at the Hotel Eden, which was a nice hotel, but the front desk staff was a tad bit stiff. Loved the rooftop bar though, what a view! It was nice after a long day of walking, shopping, and sightseeing to relax with a single glass of Pinot Grigio up there!

On Saturday, after the rigors of travel the day prior, we set out early for the Vatican. Although you would think it was obvious, you need to be wearing something that goes to at least your knees and have your shoulders covered to get in here! I didn't consider myself inappropriately dressed, but it is a church after all, and so we had to purchase some lovely scarves in order to get a peek at Saint Peter's Basilica. We saw the Tomb of the Popes, including Pope John Paul II's tomb, the beautiful gilt and artwork inside St. Peter's, and the grounds of Vatican City. Pictures really can't do it justice! And everywhere were these really good looking, uber chic Vatican security guards looking all James Bond-ish. Intriguing!

While in Rome, I also managed to see the Victor Emmanuel monument, Ancient Rome and the Coliseum (the outside of it, anyway), the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish steps. We managed to do some serious damage to our budgets with the shopping too! I couldn't pass up the cutest spring weight purple trenchcoat, a pair of cream suede boots, or a lovely black dress and contrasting red bag from Habana! I paid for this later (literally) when I got my Visa card bill. Yikes!

Did I mention the food? We had some fantastic water buffalo mozzerella, grilled salmon to die for, and yummy ravioli! I feel like I didn't gain an ounce in Rome though from all the walking. Even though I walk at least 2 miles a day, I was not prepared to travel close to 5 to 10 miles while carrying shoes in the heat of the Roman summer. Although it did rain the last day we were there. Thankfully, there were umbrellas for sale in the park to save me from a complete drenching!

Rome, I loved you! Once day, I'll be back...or so says the legend of the Trevi Fountain!