Saturday, April 19, 2008

Better Late than Never!

How true! I've been trying to finish this Odessa hat by Grumperina forever, but studying really stopped me in my tracks. I'm soooo glad the test is over, at least for now! I can revel in my yarn again and not feel guilty! So without further ado, I present my latest FO:

I made this for a sweet lady at work who requested one back when it was cold enough to wear it. Sadly, I'm a slow knitter and spent the winter buried under textbooks, so she didn't get it until it's warm enough to wear short sleeves here. Alas! At least there's always next winter!

That's it for now, stayed tuned for more knitting content in the near future! The Horcrux socks are nearing completion and want to be photographed!!

The sock catches a breeze...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Springtime, Raindrops & Stardust

So I've just finished my third day in a row of "marathon" PE studying...marathon being 2 or 3 hour stretches of studying at a time. After a long day at work, even though I do enjoy my job most days, coming home and studying does NOT appeal to me. However, I desperately want to pass this test on the first try. But the studying is still turning my brain to mush and cutting into precious sleep hours. At least I get to walk Wally everyday and spend some much needed time outdoors. Even though it was misty and gray (it's raining steadily now, what a relaxing sound!), it was so nice to breathe fresh air and walk with my pup. It really is my meditation time. Check out yesterday's walk...the weather was gorgeous!!

Although the weather here in NC is up and down, warm one day, bordering on hot, then cold the next, it's definitely springtime! I love it! It was strange though when I was walking Wally last weekend and wore my winter coat, but could smell the fresh cut grass from the ambitious neighbors that cut the grass on the 80 degree day previous. Oddness!

One more quick note on studying: did I mention I can't study if it's too quiet? I get bored and antsy, then have trouble sitting still. Back when I was a full-time student, five years or so ago, I really contemplated being a student professionally. I've always enjoyed school and studying and learning. I still do. But after working for a while, I've lost my ability to sit and study diligently without some background noise. So for the past few evenings, I've been playing "Stardust" in the DVD player while I study. I love this movie, but it might be time for a break! I was humming the theme song all day today and wouldn't be surprised if I start dreaming about fallen stars and babylon candles!! If you haven't seen it though, you definitely should! It's romantic, funny, adventurous and exciting! It's going on my list of all time favorites!

Well, better get off to sleep, I want to read my devotional and a few pages of Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation" before I hit the pillow! Wally says happy almost Friday everyone!

P.S...I promise this is still a knitting blog! Knitting in general will resume after the test next Friday! Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sending out a smile

Just wanted to send out a happy Easter smile to all those who might be in need of one!!

And also, the beginning of special knitting...this one may take me awhile!!

The early stages of Knitty's Wild Stripes!


So I saw the movie Enchanted last night while taking a brief respite from my studying and it really made me think. We as women, especially single women, are bombarded by popular culture with the image of the perfect fairy tale relationship. We look for this prince, a knight in shining armor, someone to save us from the dire straits of our singleness. I can truly appreciate this, especially being divorced and feeling at one point like I may never be loved again. It's scary to think about spending life alone and not having your dreams fulfilled. I spend a lot of time wondering why it seems that everyone else is married and I can't even meet a nice guy to spend time with. However, as my faith in Christ grows and I turn back towards Him, I really feel less urgency to just get married. Rather, I want to find the right man, one who helps me grow in my relationship with Christ and one that I can help grow in his. Someone said to me shortly after my ex left that God allowed this to happen because He wanted to be first in my life. At the time, it was really difficult for me to see that, but given time, space, and a renewed faith, I really can see the truth in that. What chance does a marriage have to grow and strengthen if Christ isn't a part of it? What really got me to thinking today was this article on Boundless. Maybe if single women can change their perspective on being single, that's it's not necessarily a bad thing, we'll be more apt to find the right person that God's set out for us. This really gives me peace in my heart and great hope as well! I hope all of your Easter celebrations have been as lovely as mine has and as blessed!!

On a random note, Crazy Aunt Purl has inspired me to smoothies! Yum! Check out the fabulous fruit!! Too bad all the pineapple is already gone! I love fresh pineapple and couldn't resist!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hi folks! Sorry I've been absent for almost three months!! Time really has slipped away from me, plus I've been spending every spare second trying to study for my licensing exam. So knitting has been practically non-existent. As is having a social life. Alas! But have no fear, things are really looking bright here at Chez Fuzzy Yellow Knits! Even though my fuzzy yellow is now residing about 4 miles away, still at my parents, he is doing fabulous! I see him everyday, twice a day on the weekends, and I think he's much happier out in the open then cooped up in a crate in an apartment everyday. Although I still miss him like crazy...

My Wally boy!!

I've found a great new church and it's really helping my faith to grow. I feel like the Lord has led me to this place in my life and I can't wait to see what He has in store next. Maybe it's Easter and the budding springtime, but I am so excited about all the new opportunities in my life right now!! I hope all of y'all are feeling the same!

So, time for some pictures!!

The completed Rat Race scarf! My mom loves it!

Easter, circa 1985 (that's me on the bottom left in the red coat)

Happy Easter everyone!!!