Thursday, April 3, 2008

Springtime, Raindrops & Stardust

So I've just finished my third day in a row of "marathon" PE studying...marathon being 2 or 3 hour stretches of studying at a time. After a long day at work, even though I do enjoy my job most days, coming home and studying does NOT appeal to me. However, I desperately want to pass this test on the first try. But the studying is still turning my brain to mush and cutting into precious sleep hours. At least I get to walk Wally everyday and spend some much needed time outdoors. Even though it was misty and gray (it's raining steadily now, what a relaxing sound!), it was so nice to breathe fresh air and walk with my pup. It really is my meditation time. Check out yesterday's walk...the weather was gorgeous!!

Although the weather here in NC is up and down, warm one day, bordering on hot, then cold the next, it's definitely springtime! I love it! It was strange though when I was walking Wally last weekend and wore my winter coat, but could smell the fresh cut grass from the ambitious neighbors that cut the grass on the 80 degree day previous. Oddness!

One more quick note on studying: did I mention I can't study if it's too quiet? I get bored and antsy, then have trouble sitting still. Back when I was a full-time student, five years or so ago, I really contemplated being a student professionally. I've always enjoyed school and studying and learning. I still do. But after working for a while, I've lost my ability to sit and study diligently without some background noise. So for the past few evenings, I've been playing "Stardust" in the DVD player while I study. I love this movie, but it might be time for a break! I was humming the theme song all day today and wouldn't be surprised if I start dreaming about fallen stars and babylon candles!! If you haven't seen it though, you definitely should! It's romantic, funny, adventurous and exciting! It's going on my list of all time favorites!

Well, better get off to sleep, I want to read my devotional and a few pages of Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation" before I hit the pillow! Wally says happy almost Friday everyone!

P.S...I promise this is still a knitting blog! Knitting in general will resume after the test next Friday! Wish me luck!

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