Thursday, July 9, 2009

Itty Bitty Kitties!

I still have so much to tell you about my Europe trip! It's just a matter of finding the time and the energy. I drank some caffeine yesterday, which I never do, and it wreaked absolute havoc with my sleeping last night. In other words, I may have gotten about 3 or 4 hours in. Le sigh, so sleepy at work today! Sweet tea, I'll remember you for this...

In other news, please go over and donate to the Itty Bitty Kitties' Fundraiser for the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society! Think of all the good your donation will do for the homeless kitties there! To read more about this wonderful cause, check out the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee's blog. So cute!


Lionel Messi said...

Thank you
The subject of more than wonderful

Diana said...

I think you just got me addicted to that blog - so much cuteness!