Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I love the Tuesdays!

Today we had our big Thanksgiving to-do at work, what fun! I love getting to hang out with some of the people I don't get to see often that work and of course, big feasts with lots of yummy Thanksgiving goodies! Cranberry sauce, yum yum! It really makes me appreciate how blessed I am and how many less fortunate people there are in the world. That's why everyone should do something for Knit Unto Others. Margene and Carole have come up with a fabulous idea of how we can all give back, just a little, to those around us who may not be as blessed. What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving!
Also, here are some wonderful autumn pictures to celebrate the season! Enjoy!

And of course, gratuitous Wally photo! What a precious fuzzy yellow! Another thing I am immensely thankful for!

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Carole Knits said...

Thanks for the Knit Unto Others shout out!