Monday, November 12, 2007

Sit Occasionallies are packed!!

Sorry, but I love those silly football player commercials, especially with Jake Delhomme and Peyton Manning...they crack me up!

I can't believe it's been this long since I've posted, but I haven't had much knitting to show. I've been a busy girl this weekend with a present for my mom. She requested the Rat Race scarf from Morehouse Merino, which at first, I thought was creepy, but turned out to be really adorable! Here's a close-up of the little ratties!

And, progress on the Dragon Scarf! I picked Huff (the red dragon) and although it's slow going because I just don't have a free second to work on him, he'll be done soon! He's too cute to stay unfinished.

Did I ever mention that I knit my very first sock earlier this year? It was the Horcrux sock in a charcoal Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport. I've been suffering from Second Sock Syndrome and hadn't gotten around to starting or finishing the second one, but now she's in the works! Fabulous, no? Can't wait for toasty hand knit socks to sport in my nice Target fake Uggs!

Things have been verrry busy around here, hence the lack of posting, but that's no excuse. However, since I'm an engineer, I have just reached the phase of my career where I can take my professional licensing exam and have just started to study. Every other weekend until April, minus the holidays, I have to spend 8 hours on Friday and Saturday in a review class. Not super exciting, but I think it will really improve my chances of passing on the first try. It's been my goal for the last four years to pass the PE on the first try, and hopefully I'll be able to meet this goal! The power of a positive attitude can't hurt, right??
Also, I've just found the most perfect apartment, although I can't move until after the New Year. The wait is worth it though! Not only am I going to be in ridiculous proximity to Target (perhaps this might be dangerous to my financial health!), it's a fabulous apartment with some lovely amenities! Exciting! I hate to move all of my stuff again, but this is the exciting part of starting over! Hope everyone is well and I promise to try and post more often!

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