Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ah, Wednesday!

The week is halfway over already! Yay! I hate to wish the week away, but I am so ready for the Christmas holiday!! It's always good to have a few days to recharge from work, you know? There are several movies I want to go see (27 dresses, The Golden Compass, just to name a few) and lots of knits I want to get to work on. During the week, I get home so late, then have chores, dinner, perhaps a workout, and then it's time for sleep, so my knitting time is limited. Usually I knit on my lunch break, but I've been out a couple times this week and that leaves no time for the Rat Race scarf. But don't worry folks, I'll get back to it tonight!!

Since the tv writer's strike, I've been branching out and trying new things...for one, Notes from the Underbelly! So cute! And so funny! I saw babies today and I was completely overcome with baby of the hardest parts about not being married is knowing that babies (at least babies with a husband) are further away than expected. I was soooo ready to be a mama too, but I'm sure that God has a plan for me that will make me appreciate the wait.

Anyway, on a lighter note, Wally said to tell everyone that he is very anti-blanket this week. I tried to put a nice, warm, old comforter in his house, but foreign objects in the Dogloo! It's not yet in shreds and I haven't given up. I figure if I put it in there enough times, maybe he'll eventually get used to it. Hopefully!

Schmiggy says it's bedtime, so goodnight to all!


Laurie (Moo!) said...

Have you gotten to the Rat Race scarf? Can't wait to see it!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Hey! I know you're one busy gal but I gave you an award and didn't want you to miss it. :-)