Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain and Roses

This was going to be a post full of beautiful pictures of the roses outside of the North Carolina Governor's Mansion (aka, best place to find free all-day parking spots during the week). However, the gray and overcast skies have me postponing my morning photo session with the flowers until the sun peeks back out. I missed the tulips due to the relentless thunderstorms we've been having lately, but I think the roses might be a little bit hardier!

Over the weekend, I really took time to think about the events of last week. Right now, I'm feeling peaceful about what happened and I know I have to be patient with God's timing, instead of expecting things in my own timing. I could definitely feel the prayers of everyone lifting me up, so thanks! I'm really making a sincere effort to focus on all the many blessings and positive aspects of my life, including my friends and family, my job, travel opportunities, and of course, Wally!

On that note, I know I've mentioned my Paris trip coming up in the middle of June. But have I told you about our dilemma? I'm traveling with two of my closest friends for a week to Paris because my friend Jill has to work over there for a month. Hard life! During the week, her sister and I will be on our own in the City of Lights, probably making day trips to Normandy, perhaps Grenoble, or just around Paris. However, we're planning on taking a weekend excursion to a non-France location so that we can all enjoy Europe together. The dilemma? Where to go. Becky is pretty set on Rome, but Jill's just been there recently. Me? I'd like to see Berlin, Barcelona, maybe Zurich. Have any of you been to either of these places? I'm open for suggestions or recommendations to help us make our decision!

If I haven't told you already, I love to travel, so wherever we go, I'm sure I'll have a blast! I'm not only excited about this international opportunity, but I'm also starting to plan my domestic summer trips! I'd like to visit at least one place every summer that I've never been to. Last year, I went on a mission trip to New Hampshire and ended up getting to visit Boston, MA and the Maine seashore as well! I also road tripped from NC to Michigan (long long long) and took my second trip to Chicago (FYI, beautiful in October!). We also made an autumn visit to Texas by way of San Antonio and Austin. Best trip ever! This year's top destinations are Seattle and Salt Lake City. Why, you ask? Seattle, not only for its proximity to Forks (ha, I'm a crazy Twilight fan), but also because of the wild, hip culture, the Space Needle, ferries (a la Derek Shepherd!), and Puget Sound. I would just love to go whale watching! As for SLC, I'm captivated by this book I found as a teenager. The images are just stunning and I've heard it's a very beautiful and interesting city.
Boston skyline from the ferry

Sunrise over Lake Michigan

Becky & Jill strolling along the Riverwalk in San Antonio

As for my knitting, I so want to start something new (i.e., Owls), but I still have to finish the Circles Scarf for my mama. Hopefully this weekend I can get to work!

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