Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

As inspired by Carole, here are my top ten favorite places to shop! Even though I am currently on a shopping hiatus, I dream easily and often of frequenting these stores again!

1. Amazon: I'm sure this is where the majority of my non-clothes purchases come from. I buy all of my hardback books from here and some paperbacks as well. Not to mention DVDs, digital music, my vaccum cleaner, and my suitcase for France. Addicted much? I just can't help myself!

2. Target: I have to make a conscious effort to stay away from the clothing/accessories/shoes these days. It's almost painful to go in to get conditioner and not to even look! But looking for me is akin to buying and when it comes to shoes, I'm weak...

3. American Eagle: The only place I can find jeans I like that fit well.

4. Express: Most of my work clothes come from here. If you catch their sales (which they always have), you can get their Editor pants for uber cheap. Plus, they have cute skirts and tops as well!

5. The Limited: Are you sensing a theme yet??? I love to shop for clothes! I get most of my dresses here because I think their styles are so classic and classy. And yet, they are still reasonably affordable.

6. Petsmart: I have to stay away from this store, because every time I go in, I come out with too much! Wally just got a new collar and leash, not to mention new name tags (his old ones were getting worn out). Plus, I have a little thermos for water in the summer so he doesn't get too hot!

7. Food Lion: I shop here often, according to my bank statement. Even though I do not like to cook all that much, I buy a lot of salad vegetables and chicken. And the occasional bottle of Kendall-Jackson chardonnay. Yum.

8. Barnes & Noble: I love this store! I love to wander around, smell the books (is that just me?), look at all the words and pictures...it's sensory overload! I mostly buy paperbacks and gift certificates for my mom here. She's totally addicted!

9. Banana Republic Outlet: Only an hour from my house, maybe less so. Good thing it's not closer or I'd defintely be poorer! Such chic and trendy clothing...at much better prices than the real store!

10. Knitpicks: Although I don't spend as much here as I used to, I still rely on Knitpicks for fabulous prices on nice yarns when I need something in a large quantity. I have yet to knit my first sweater, but they've provided me with lots of nice yarns when I do get started!

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