Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, it's been a rough week. I've been trying to be a little better about posting, but this week has just been not so good. Boyfriend and I broke up, and even though I see that in the long run, this is for the best, it still doesn't make it easier. I know 28 isn't old, but sometimes it's difficult not to feel scared when you're single and all of your friends are getting married and having babies.
Enough of the pity party for now though. Today was a pretty good day, with nice weather and plenty of free time to finish Verity. I need to fix the tab part on the front, but otherwise, I think she's perfect! Now, back to the Circles Scarf for my mama's birthday...

Any prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated, especially since I may have to see the boy tomorrow at church. Sigh.

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Kara said...

The hat is so so darling. And don't worry. There are so many adventures to be had when waiting for Mr. Right to come along.