Thursday, April 23, 2009

Faux Friday

Today is my Friday! Yay! Last day of work for the week, then I'm off to visit friends in beautiful northern Maryland. Plus, the boy's been working in PA for a month and I'll finally get to see him too! I'm not sure the weekend could get much better and it's not even here yet!

I've been a little Twilight obsessed lately. I read the books late last year in record time, even for me (and I read pretty fast). I saw the movie twice in theaters, then pre-ordered the DVD nearly two months early. Obsessed much? I'll admit it! So I've been watching the extra features and deleted scenes and it seems like the movie is just perfect as is. Not quite as good as the book, but still...very close. I wasn't disappointed. Except maybe with Rosalie. She didn't look like I expected and her dye job? Ick. I wish they could have found someone naturally blonde, if not naturally pale. Oh well, I still really enjoyed it and can't wait for New Moon! I just hope that the change in directors and the time frame they plan to release it in won't compromise the quality.

As for knitting, I've been working steadily on the Circles scarf for my mama's birthday. The tube part is just about done, only two inches of stockinette to go and I'm sure I can knock that out later tonight. Then on to the circles. I'm hoping these won't be eternally fiddly. I might have to take alternative plane knitting for tomorrow if so. I'm going to give it a shot tonight and see, then make a decision. I'm itching to start on Owls and Verity, but this might be the perfect time to get the last Horcrux sock finished up. Mindless ribbing all the way until the toe almost. Don't want anything too complex or bulky on the plane. Plus, that'd be right in line with my goal of finishing up all those WIPs!

Ready. Set. Circles!

Finally, a taste of spring! My plants are thriving in the sun and it's getting really nice and warm here, almost 80 degrees F today. Love it! Hope y'all enjoy the weekend!

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