Friday, January 23, 2009

Back from Oblivion...

Welcome back! I know most of you thought I'd never post again, and I'll admit, blogging is hard for me. I'm not good with adding new things into my routine, but I've been in a finishing flurry lately and felt like sharing it with y'all!

First, I finally finished the Dragon Scarf. This pattern was so hard on my hands and although it was a good idea in theory, it didn't turn out the way I expected. My dragon is way too short to be a scarf, so it'll probably hang in the closet forever. Sad, because I was so looking forward to wearing it! I love unique scarves, hats, etc., that no one else will be wearing.
Next, I'm halfway done with the Mosey legwarmers from Knitty. I don't think I'll ever be an avid knitter of things that come in pairs. I get bored when I'm knitting the same thing twice. Maybe not mittens, but I haven't made a pair yet. Anyway, I'm working on the second legwarmer, but not really excited about it. There's too much other cool stuff floating around on Ravelry and in the blog world that I want to knit!

I started and completed Grumperina's Tretta Hat for a friend at work that wanted a nice, soft, and warm head covering for Raleigh's abnormally chilly winter. I love the finished product! I almost kept it for myself. I thought this pattern was pretty simple and extremely well written, can't wait to make one for myself. Maybe in a beautiful lime green!
To continue the FO parade, with the extra time I had on Tuesday during Raleigh's unusual snowfall, I finished my Fish Hat from the latest edition of Knitty. I used some random worsted stash wools in a variety of fishy colors. I LOVE this hat and have gotten several double takes, compliments, and requests for one of their own from friends, family, and coworkers. I am definitely going to make one for my mom and another for a one-year old nephew of a friend. I'm not sure how to make one to fit him, but I'm thinking if I go down a needle size or two, it should be of a size where he could at least grow into it.

A note on Ravelry: I am completely addicted!!! At first, I didn't really see the allure. Another knitting website? Not for me. But once I got on, I realized it's a knitter's heaven!! I am an unrepentent list maker and Ravelry is the best (and most exciting) way for me to keep track of all the little details, glories and tragedies of my knitting. Plus, it puts every pattern under the sun practically right at your fingertips! You can check and see which yarn people have been using, modifications they've made, errata, etc. Ravelry is my new best friend!!

Right now, there's a million patterns I can't wait to start on, but a few in the beginning/planning stages include: Wendy's Dream Swatch Head Wrap (I've got some Madil Eden Print that's burning a hole in my stash), the Chevalier mittens, a Lumpy Bumpy Tea Cozy for my baby sis, and the Meandering Lattice Hat for me! Not to mention, I want to knit my first sweater this year, no excuses! And maybe do some Fair Isle or stranded knitting as well, but we'll see how ambitious I get & how much time I have!

Have a brilliant weekend!


Kara said...

Wow! So many projects. You have been busy. I love all of them. Especially the hat. It is lovely!

Joanne said...

Try hand washing your dragon scarf with cold water and a hand wash soap and block it. Some of my hand knits have really stretched. Love your fish hat.