Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Stash Giveaway!

I'm in the midst of decluttering my stash, my house, my life. This means cutting back on some of the stuff I know I'm not going to use, including some lovely yarns! The first person that expresses interest in this small stash giveaway can have it all, free of charge! I need more space and less stuff in on to the good stuff!!

Here's a group shot:

2 balls Filatura di Crosa Cambridge (black with pink and orange)

2 skeins (one rolled up) Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille Solid (light pink)

1 skein (rolled up) silk ribbon (pink, pale yellow, and mint variegated)

1 cake random boucle yarn (fuschia, teal, and purple)
These were all gifted to me, but I've been on a wool kick lately and will probably never use them. If you want them, please leave a comment and let me know! Happy Saturday!


Carolyn G said...

These would be great. I am currently taking up knitting and have no supplies as of yet.

SABALE said...

estas chapita eh ?